Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another awesome give-away!

GIVEAWAY, originally uploaded by m_agda.

Magda is having another give-away and naturally I'm going to enter it. She truly makes the loveliest miniatures and one day I hope to get my hands on some of her jewellery. Entering her give-away should be a good start.

So go on, have a go yourself. All you have to do is go to and read the conditions of the give-away. And may the luckiest person win (i.e me - hopefully!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Goodnight sweetheart goodnight

RIP Sophus the family cat, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

Sophus our dear family cat was put to sleep on Monday the 7th of June. He was 15 years old and was unfortunately very ill. Luckily he's had a long and good life.

He will be missed <3

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Turning 30 didn't hurt

I've been a little late with updating the blog, I'm sorry! I promised to come back and tell you about my 30th birthday weekend, but I got caught up - as usual. If you expected me to be back so soon to post, you really should know me better than that by now ;)

So, on May 28th I turned 30. I've been anxious about that for a while and as the day grew near I was feeling worse. But I had arranged to go over to spend the day with my parents and to have a small birthday party for some of my friends and family on the 29th. Actually I had decided to let it slip by in silence, but I decided that there might be a point in making it a memorable day. That way I would connect turning 30 with something fun and pleasurable, rather than it being a tough bite to swallow.

Johan picked me up from work on the 27th and we set off to Århus, so I'd be there for my actual birthday and not just for the party on the 29th. We drove for about 4 hours and when we arrived both my mum and my dad were home. We sat down and my mum got me a cold Pepsi Max and we talked about my day at work. Suddenly I heard my sister's voice. She was coming up the stairs, singing a silly song she and I started singing on each others' birthdays years ago. For a second I stopped breathing. You see, she wasn't supposed to be there. My sister lives in Wales and for her to be there ... well that just wasn't possible. My initial reaction was total surprise - then I started crying like a baby! I hugged my little sister so tight for ages and just couldn't believe she was there. But she was! My parents and her had been planning this all along. It was by far probably the most amazing thing they could ever do for me. Little did I know, they had more things up their sleeves...

On the 28th my family - mum, dad, little sister and Johan - woke me up with the traditional Danish birthday song and breakfast. On the table were so many presents, I couldn't even believe it. I had already gotten an amazing gift since my sister was there, but my parents had more in store for me. The first present I opened was from them and once again they surprised me beyond compare. They had bought me a Nikon D3000 - and it was beautiful. I couldn't believe it! It has been such a big dream for me to have a real SLR camera and now I do thanks to my amazing parents, who made the dream come true. My sister bought me a cute charm for my Pandora bracelet, a tiny little silver Nemo (you know, Finding Nemo, Nemo) and a box of my favourite chocolates and sweets that I normally get when we visit them in Wales. I absolutely love Finding Nemo, so for her to find that - well that just proves how well my dear sister knows me. Johan bought me a huge Hello Kitty, which is like a mixture between a pillow and a softie and I love it! He also did something so sweet and thoughtful: he got his friend Kalle to buy all sorts of different Hello Kitty things while he was in Japan. I had been rambling about Hello Kitty chopsticks, because I saw a TV programme where a little girl bought a lunchset with Hello Kitty chopsticks, and Johan remembered that and got Kalle to find them for me. Such an awesome and thoughtful gift. I was completely overwhelmed.

The rest of my birthday was spent in Århus city centre and out and about. We had a mission that day: to get the fabric for my wedding dress. And we did (pssst, check my previous post ;) ). We had a lot to prepare for the party the following day and so we spent most of the day getting things ready. It was by far the best birthday I can recall in all my life - and I mean that, seriously.

On the 29th we had the birthday party. It was a great day spent with family and friends. I was so happy to get to spend some time with Marianne and Morten, who I just don't get to see enough. There were many guests, including my in-laws, who came all the way to Århus to celebrate me. It was a wonderful day, which I can't imagine I would have wanted any other way. I received many lovely gifts and I'm so grateful for that.

On the 30th we headed on home. Johan and I had to drop K off at the airport on our way back. I'm always sad to say goodbye to my family and so it turned out to be a very emotional day. Not only because I had to say goodbye, but also because I had an amazing time, where all my anxiety about turning 30 just vanished and it became such a memorable weekend, which I will never forget and forever cherish. I owe my family and friends all my gratitude for what they have done for me.
Much love to you all from a 30-year-old D with a smile on her face.

Monday, May 31, 2010

A sneak peek at something special...

I'll let you guess what this is. To me, it's the beginning of an exciting adventure.

I'll return with a blog about my awesome 30th Birthday weekend tomorrow.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long time no see...

Råå beach, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

...would probably be a pretty suitable thing to write right now. Once again I've had so much to do that I've totally forgotten about my poor blog. I'll try to see if we can catch up:

Work? Baaah, let's not go there.

Upcoming birthday? Will be celebrated in Århus with family and friends. I'm not letting it pass by in total silence even though that was my initial idea, but we're not making a huge deal of it either. My birthday is on Friday, but we're having people over at my parents' house on Saturday to celebrate. I'm really thankful to my parents for doing this for me.

Wedding? Invitations are almost done, but not printed and sent yet. On Friday, while we're in Århus, my mother is taking me out to pick fabrics for my wedding dress. I'm really, really looking forward to that. We have the pattern and the general idea of the dress ready, but then there are lots of things to take into consideration: lace? Beading? Length? Will be fun looking around different fabric stores and getting ideas. Hopefully I'll get exactly the kind of dress I want.

Summer holidays? We're heading to Århus for a week in July for holidays with my family. Kat is coming home from Wales, but Al won't be coming this time. He doesn't have enough holiday to come over this summer. I think J and me will head over to Wrexham in late July for a week or so. Apparently EasyJet has opened a route from Copenhagen to Manchester, which is much cheaper than SAS, so we're going to check that out this year.

Crafts? It's been veeeeery quiet in that area lately. I just haven't had the time and being crafty demands time and ideas. I haven't really had much of either, so for the time being it's on a hold. Last time I sat down by the sewing machine things didn't go my way and I had a bit of a hysterical break down, to be honest. Haven't sewn anything since, so it might be a good idea to sit down and give it a go again soon.

And with that I think we're up to speed.

Today we did some serious cleaning in the flat. First of all I got rid of all the clothes that were piling up in my closet unused. It's never easy getting rid of clothes, shoes and other accesories, but it's just one of those things that needs to be done. We then went on to cleaning the flat, which at the moment is sparkling and fresh smelling. I'm going to enjoy that for the rest of my Sunday. I have tomorrow and Tuesday off, so I'll be relaxing and who knows, I might just pop by with yet another blog...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh no she didn't!

Oh yes she did! We started our day a little late today. We slept until 10.30am and then got up and cooked Sunday brunch. We had American pancakes, crispy bacon and orange juice. Was so yummy. Not the healthiest alternative, no - but oh so good!

After brunch we went to a couple of flea markets in Ekeby. It's always fun to go and have a look and see if you can find a real bargain. I found a couple of things for the house. I'm in love with both the serving platter and the little vase. And naturally I can't say "no thanks" to a crochet hook.

The rest of the day is going to be all about lazing about and doing as little as possible. I'm going to bake us a pizza a little later and then I think we'll watch some TV. Lazy Sunday, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ramblings of a fool

It truly is the little things that make me happy! Today we went to Höganäs to get some things for my mum and while we were there I found these cute Moomin postcards. Those who know me know that I collect all things Moomin and so these had to go home with me. I'm planning on framing them at some point.

Next week is going to be one of those weeks, where I hope I'll be able to remember my own name by the time we get to Friday. Monday to Thursday I have 4 meetings and 17 parent-teacher conferences. The conferences are 20 minutes each and the meetings are everything from 30 minutes to two hours. On top of that, I also have my normal teaching schedule. So it's going to be busy, busy, busy. Luckily this past week hasn't been so busy, so hopefully I've saved up some energy for the long days. I usually get to work around 7.30am and my days will probably end around 7pm-8pm. So I bet I'll be pretty tired and not up to much apart from work. This is the typical scenario in Spring where we start getting ready for the next school year that starts in August. But things are a little different this year though, which was what I was on about in one of my previous blogs.

This week we also settled another thing that's been hanging over our heads: the catering for our wedding. I know we still have LOTS of time before the wedding, but it's still nice to have "the big things" sorted out in time. Our wedding is going to be very small, but since a big part of our guests are from Denmark and need to be accomodated there's one more thing to take into account. When you're trying to make ends meet with a very tight budget, it's awesome to have people who help out. My in-laws pulled a favour and helped us get a really nice deal on catering, so we're getting things the way we want them. A lot of things about the wedding have fallen into place and generally we've succeeded in getting it the way we want. I get butterflies everytime I think about October 21st and how lovely it's going to be. A friend of my family recently commented on my Facebook status that it would be nice if we could invite more guests and I guess in a way it would be, but I think people understand that we can't. I bet lots of people who were planning their wedding had the "Oh, I hope they won't be upset if we don't invite them"-moment and trust me, we've had many, many of those moments. I've felt guilty for having to select guests, but that's just the way it has to be when we're on the kind of budget we are. And besides our dream wedding is small, simple and private. So a long guest list was never even in the cards for us.

On another note I also have another party coming up. A 30th Birthday party. Guest of honour? Yours truly. Can you believe I'm turning 30 next month? I can't. I appriciate people saying that it isn't so bad and that 40 feels much worse, but I'm just going to say, once and for all: to me it feels absolutely horrible. My sweet mother is hosting a Birthday party for me though, which serves as a bit of a band-aid on the wound. Looking forward to celebrating with good friends and family.

I've rambled tonight, and those who are still with me deserve a medal. Thanks for reading - may you be blessed with sunshine.

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's love!

He sings, he dances, he rules. It's love - oh yes.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cover it in pink

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  • Currently listening to on iPod: "This is War" by 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Currently longing for: someone cutting me some slack
There are good days for blogging and there are bad days for blogging. I find that the days where I'm sad or blue are the days where I feel the most like blogging, but probably not the best days for it from a reader's point of view. No one wants to only read complaints and annoyances, so just know that I always try to keep that in mind. Not that I'm censuring myself, because I don't think that's right either, but I'm not always telling it as I see it. Sometimes it can be because I'm not interested in conflict, other times it can be because my work is in public and I just can't talk about things that happen to me when I'm at work since I'm not allowed.

Why am I writing this you wonder? Well, it's basically because I want to apologise in advance if there's elements of whining and moaning and possibly once again some blog neglect over the next month. Something's going on in my professional life, which isn't exactly easy. There's a lot of change, a lot of 'what now?' and general uncertainty. In my line of work you often end up stepping into other people's private sphere. And just as well as it isn't nice to have your life flipped around by others, it isn't nice being the one flipping other people's lives around. Dealing with the consequences of what is going on might hit me hard. I just hope I can cope and that I won't hit a wall.

So I've decided to try and cover all the bad feelings in pink. Even if it doesn't change my situation, at least it makes me feel better. And afterall, it's the little things that count when your sad, isn't it?
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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Honest to God I'll break your heart
Tear you to pieces and rip you apart

"Night Of The Hunter" - 30 Seconds to Mars

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lazy days

Daffodils in our sittingroom, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

The last couple of days have been VERY lazy. Basically we've somehow flipped the day around, so we're awake at night and asleep during the day. Not all of the day naturally, but at least until noon.

Yesterday we dragged ourselves out for a walk though and it was quite lovely. A little cold still, but you can definitely feel the air warming up. We went to Råådalen, because J was all set to go find a couple of geocaches. We only found one, but I think he was okay with that. I brought my camera and snapped some pics. Had hoped that Spring would be more visible in nature, but it's still pretty brown, grey and not so green. Hopefully it'll pick up over the next couple of weeks so we can go out on more geocaching/photo-walks.

Tomorrow P is arriving! Can't wait to go pick her up in Helsingør. It'll be lovely to spend time with my favourite Banana. So far there aren't many plans. We'll make it up as we go. The only thing I have planned is that we'll watch New Moon together. It's been hidden by J somewhere in the flat, so I can't get my hands on it until P arrives. Looking forward to a lovely mini-break with my dear friend.

So far today I've only done one thing: sorted out my taxes. Since I live in Sweden, but work in Denmark my taxes are a little different. I had to check some numbers today and fill out an online form and the result was wonderful! I have a tax refund in store, which'll be paid out in April. It's going straight towards our October wedding, so will have to ask my banker to put it away for safe keeping. Otherwise I'll be found on a shopping spree by mid-April. Not good - not good at all.

So ... what do I do with the rest of this day? I'll tidy a bit, clean a bit, empty the fridge so it's ready for new groceries when P arrives and tonight it's Grey's Anatomy on Kanal 5. I bet I'll find a way to enjoy myself.

I leave you with the man, Barney Stinson:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Aulin is watching you!

Aulin is watching you!, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

For some reason, which I can't seem to figure out, J has planted a picture of his evil eye on my desk. I'm guessing he has a masterplan. Stay tuned for the exciting follow-up, right here on my blog.

Last night I decided to read through my blog. I started blogging back in November 2006 and have undeniably gone from a pretty decent blogger to a very lousy one. I used to write lots of stuff - even when there weren't things to blog about. Maybe I could learn something from myself. Maybe there doesn't really have to be some fantastic event to capture in words. I used to blog about anything and everything that sprung to mind and by golly I'm going to try and take it up again.

I think the thing that surprised me the most was how creative I used to be in my blogs. Writing is such a healthy way of dealing with worries, sorrows and frustration, but also a wonderful way to celebrate the good and fun times. I used to write to get things out of my head - not necessarily for anyone else to read. I still need to get things off my chest, so why not do it here?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

want, need, must have

Owning this would be the beginning of something wonderful.
Owning this would be the start of something magical.
Owning this would make me a very happy woman.
Owning this would spur creativity.
Owning this would spread happiness.
Owning this would take things to a new level.

Saving for this ... sheesh.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a pleasant surprise!

My mum and I browsed through New Look's site last week and found this shrug - in white though, but I couldn't find a picture of it on their website anymore. We hurried up and ordered it as it wasn't only perfect for the kind of outfit I'm planning for my wedding, but it was also on sale for only £8! Unfortunately they sent my mum a mail saying that it was sold out, so they couldn't provide it. I was disappointed, but figured that something similar might pop up eventually and besides it was too good to be true. But guess what? My mum called earlier and said that the package from New Look had arrived this morning and guess what was in the box with the other goodies we ordered? Yes, the shrug! What a pleasant surprise.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter break

Time to crochet!, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

Finally I have some time off from work. It's much needed to be honest. Lately I've been feeling stressed and today I even had to stay home because I just wasn't feeling well. I'm pretty sure the Easter break will fix things though.

One thing I've been looking forward to is having time to crochet. I spent some time today crocheting a little Easter chick, which is decorating our witch hazel in the livingroom. I'll be making more Easter ornaments over the next week.

On Thursday P is arriving. Am so looking forward to having her here. We're going to have lots of fun as we always do.

Last week we visited my mum for her Birthday. It was one of those quick visits again, which I appriciate, but I wish I could stay longer with them than just for a weekend. Of course short visits are better than no visits, but I don't feel like I get to have enough time with them. And I would have loved to have had more time in Århus, so I could go see Marianne as well. Haven't seen her for ages and miss having time with her. I'll have to make sure to go over for a longer period in the summer.

While we were in Århus my mum and I also figured out the whole wedding dress issue. I've been looking at a few dresses online, but nothing's really struck me as the right dress for me. My mum had an awesome idea and we decided that we're going to make it ourselves! She had the perfect pattern lying around, which can be altered in any way I'd like, so when we go over in May for my 30th (!) Birthday, we're going to go out and look at fabrics and see what we can find. I also decided that I'm going to get married in the same shoes as my mum got married in. It's a shame I didn't take a picture of them - they're so cool! Things are beginning to fall into place, but I'm not too stressed about it anyways. We've rented the house for the party, we need to figure out the catering, send out invites, help people find accommodation and get all the paperwork filled out and sent in, but there's still lots of time. No need to stress about that.

Looking forward to a nice stress-free week at home and in good company. Who knows, I might even get to post a blog every now and then!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Giveaway by Magda!

Spring Giveaway!, originally uploaded by m_agda.

Magda has posted a Spring Give-away. Go check it out! She makes beautiful stuff and I'd definitely love to sport some of her gorgeous polymer clay goodies.