Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Diagnosis Known

I'm torn between worry and relief. Mostly I'm relieved though. I've had a feeling for a while that I might have PCOS ( ) and today it was confirmed. I have PCOS and will need help to get pregnant. But before I'll get the help I need to lose weight. To lose weight - I'll need help. "I think you should consider a gastric by-pass. You're a perfect candidate", the gynocologist said. But I'm not up for that - am too scared and I really, truly believe that with the right drive I can do this myself. I lost 10 kilos before christmas, but gained a lot again (typical, right?) and the first goal the gyno made was 15 kilos. I can lose that without a gastric by-pass, right? After the 15 kilo weightloss I'll begin hormonal treatment and they'll probably put me on Metformin ( ). Metformin also helps the weightloss, so I'm optimistic that I can do this without surgery. The Metformin also stimulates the eggs and I'll hopefully start ovulating and thereby become pregnant. Whatever happened to dinner and dancing, eh? I'm relieved that I now have a reason why I'm having such a hard time losing weight. I'm active, I eat healthy and I shouldn't have a belly like Santa. But I do and now I know why. Definitely a huge relief - even if the weight thing worries me at the same time. I can do this! 15 kilos to go ... gooooo me!