Saturday, April 26, 2008

I spy with my little eye....

  • Currently craving: summer holidays

  • Hours spent cleaning: 5

  • Currently in love with: half of IKEA's furniture, our car, my MAC eyeshadow, reading girly books, butterflies, the fact that I have two days off next week, the pink iPod nano, Patrick Stump's voice, Coheed and Cambria and Johan of course.

It's been a while since my last blog. Things are heating up at work and it's becoming more and more obvious that there's only a few months left before summer break, and by then the kids have to be ready to move up to the third grade. I think I'd rather not bore you with work talk, since it would possibly also be best if I tried to not think so much about it. Some days I feel 57 years old when I come home. I need to distance myself more.

Today we did a whole lot of cleaning. The flat really needed a good seeing to, so we spent extra time scrubbing. Johan did the laundry as well, so we can relax tomorrow and won't have to think about practical stuff. After we'd finished cleaning we went to IKEA to find a few bits and bobs we needed for the flat. Storage is always a problem, isn't it? But IKEA naturally has awesome solutions to most problems, so we got a few thingamajigs to sort our kitchen out. We spent a little time looking at dining tables and chairs and I think we kinda made up our minds about what we want. Now we just have to wait until there's a bit of money in our pockets. What with having bought a car recently, we're not exactly swimming in money. But hopefully it'll all work out fine in the end.

We spent a little time sorting out our balcony today as well. Pictured above is a hanging flowerpot we planted some nice purple flowers in (have no idea what they're called, and am too lazy to even try and figure it out) and I decorated it with a few butterflies. We also planted baby rocket salad recently and it's finally beginning to grow:

In all fairness I won't claim to have green fingers at all. I'm actually more of a specialist in killing plants, but every now and again I take pride in seeing if I've improved. Let's see if we'll have homegrown rocket salad for dinner soon and lovely, decorative flowers growing on our balcony.

Last weekend we were in Århus. We visited my parents and went to my cousin's confirmation. We also got around to see Marianne and Morten, which was great fun as always. I'm kinda bummed that we live so far apart now. I'd love to see all of them a lot more than I get to, but at least we always have a lovely time when we finally get to see each other. Marianne dished a little dirt on someone. Funny how people can pretend so much online and then in real life be total losers. Not that it comes as a surprise to me - you know, once a lying loser, always a lying loser. Just can't help this smile on my lips knowing that the loser failed her mission, just like we all predicted. Saying you're pursuing a degree, does not get you one. Who needs a degree to know that basic fact? Some people never change, not even when given the perfect opportunity to start all over. Wasted opportunities can only be excused so and so many times before it becomes evident that what goes around comes around. Karma's a bitch, ain't it? I spy with my little eye, something beginning with... ?

Friday, April 11, 2008

The one about Coheed and Cambria...

  • Best part of the week: seeing Coheed and Cambria live
  • Worst part of the week: a difficult parent-teacher conference
  • Looking forward to: seeing Paramore live in June

Bye bye world, or will our hope still hold on?

Boy, you're never gonna see, the things that will come of these (days)

Raise your hands high!

Young brothers and sisters,

There's a world's worth of work and a need for you.

Oh, change is coming, feel these doors now closing in.

Is there no world for tomorrow if we wait for today?

A couple of years ago I came to a crossroad in my life. I basically just had enough of the way things were and I desperately needed a way to deal with a lot of feelings I didn't know how to express. This was were Coheed and Cambria came into the picture. Johan played me some of their songs and I immediately fell in love with their sound, lyrics and the entire concept of their music.

About six months ago it was announced that they would be playing in Copenhagen in February 2008. I bought tickets as soon as they were released and was like a child before Christmas. I counted months and was hyper about the idea of finally getting to see them live.

The concert was cancelled a couple of months before. That is they were going to be supporting Linkin Park on their tour of America and so they would postpone their European dates. The concert was moved to April 8th and even if it was a bit of a disappointment to have to wait even longer, it still meant that I'd get to see them live.

On Tuesday this week we were off to the concert. We were kind of early for the show and ended up queueing for around an hour. Suddenly it struck me that there was a risk that I would be the oldest person attending the concert except for the band members themselves. The place was infested by little emo-kids, who were drinking, smoking and trying to act totally rock n' roll. Luckily in the end more people my age turned up and the atmosphere of the concert was really cool. We got to be quite close to the stage without being moshed so after the support, who was Oceansize, had finished up all the butterflies started gathering in the pit of my stomach. I guess no matter how old I get, I'll always be somewhat starstruck. But as corny as it sounds they just mean a whole lot to me, not in the groupie; 'I'll love you forever and stalk you in the bushes'-way, but because somehow their music has helped me through some rough spots the last couple of years. I guess you can say it's been almost therapeutic. Gah, I sound like a real nut now, but I hope some of you know what I mean.

Anyway, after a rather long wait they finally took the stage and it was just an amazing experience. They were finally real and not just a CD on the stereo or a video on the Internet. It was an awesome show, where people completely let loose and had a great time. Sore, swollen feet from standing up for hours didn't matter all that much, because all that mattered was the fact that Coheed was there and they were playing for us. Even if there were small things that ended up being a little too much, like them spending the last 30 minutes of a two hour show doing solos, it's still one of the best experiences I've had in years. They really are an awesome band. I bet most of us have a band we listen to, who just represent a very important part of our lives and of our personalities. I know to a lot of people Coheed are an acquired taste, but then again maybe I am too?