Saturday, September 27, 2008

So what? I'm still a rockstar!

Say 'hello' to mini-D. Isn't it hilarious that that's me? Well it is me anno 1980, sporting a rather flattering yet slightly big hat. Johan and me visited my parents last weekend and I came home with a small collection of photos that I want to scan and have printed. Among these my parents gave me a collection of portraits that were taken of me by a Danish press photographer back when I was a baby. Le photo above is one of these. I love it.

I'm now D minus 8.5 kilos. That's a lot! Yet I still don't really feel like it's so much. Guess that's mostly because I know there's a long way to go still. Granted these first almost 10 kilos help a lot and it's actually a huge chunk of the kilos I want to lose, but still it's just under a third of what I should drop. Grumble. At least I'm on my way, right? And I'm not really suffering to be honest. It's all very much about routines and thinking about what you put in your mouth. I haven't had a piece of chocolate for two months now which is pretty spectacular. It's fantabolous to say the least. It's the shitniz. Yay me.

I'm planning to pack up my fiance and go to Wales for New Year's Eve. My mum and dad are coming here to Helsingborg for Christmas so I'm getting a bit of the Christmas I'm used to, but my sister is getting none of it. And I know that makes her sad. So I'll do all I can to come see her between Christmas and New Year's. That way we won't completely miss out on each other. Sisterly love is a wonderful thing.
Rock on good people.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Please forgive me

I've once again slipped into a stupid habbit of not writing often enough. In all fairness I'm quite busy and the first couple of weeks back in school leave their toll. I'm exhausted when I get back home and just feel like watching TV, being with Johan and not having to use my brain at all. But today was an early day for me, so I feel I have some leftover energy to write a bit.

I'm first of all looking amazingly much forward to the release of the new Fall Out Boy album 'Folie a Deux' on November 4th. Yes, that would also be election day in America, but who gives a hoot when you can spend time listening to the most awesome voice of all: Patrick Stump. I'm like a child before Christmas - I want November to be nooooow!

I'm now 7 kilos lighter, which I'm totally proud of. We've been dieting for 6 weeks, so it's a healthy but steady weightloss. At times it sucks being on a diet, but by now it has become routine. The other day at work two people were celebrating their birthdays and they brought cake and chocolate. Suddenly a colleague says 'Wow, you have such selfdiscipline' and suddenly it dawns on me that I've been chewing along on my carrots and cucumbers and haven't even thought about cake and chocolate. I think the fact that it can be in my presence, and me not even thinking about it, is so awesome. I'm on the right track here.

I started another blog, which I'm not going to link you to because I'm pretty sure that not many people would want to read it. It's basically about the whole baby thing we're going through and it's in Danish. I decided to create another blog for all of that because I'm well aware that I make people sick with all my baby talk. So to spare you guys I've taken it elsewhere. If anyone's interested in reading it you know where to find me for the link.