Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I Love (part one)

Looking around our flat I spot so many things I absolutely love. Things that I feel say a lot about me. Today we went to Höganäs with Jeanette, who came to visit us this weekend. I found this Moomin biscuit tin and naturally I just had to have it. So I decided it should be the first featured thing in my series of 'Things I Love' blogs. I'll warn you already, I have a lot of stuff so it might become quite a long series. But in all fairness all things come with a story, so I hope you won't be too bored.

In a week my parents and Basse will be here. My parents are going to visit K and Aled in Wales for a week and we'll be minding Basse while they're away. I can't wait! A whole week off with Basse around... that's life. Today he'll be the finishing act in my 'Things I Love' blog. Don't you just want to kiss him?