Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday November 30th 2006

Oh my! Only one day left and then it's December. Time really does fly. This year I have promised myself to get my Christmas cards out in time, so I better start writing them soon. Plus I promised myself to make some sort of lovely "Christmas meets rock and roll"- decoration for our coffeetable and I also want to decorate the flat a bit. So now that I put it in here I *have* to do it! And I have to post pics of it too to prove that I actually did it. Now someone hit me with a dash of inspiration, okay?
Today I did my CV and started my jobapplications. It's hella difficult. I know what I want to write - I even know what I have to write - I just can't seem to get it done. I want to make long lists of adjectives of my own brilliance, but... just looks both fake and stupid. It's supposed to be natural and charming and interesting so they won't be able to resist calling me in for an interview. I remember ealier this year when a lot of my classmates were doing their applications, they all made these very creative books about themselves with pictures and what not, but to me that just seems like a bit too much. I'm going to keep it simple to begin with and if I still don't have a job this time next year I'll be hurling homemade scrapbooks their way.
Johan is in school at the moment. He just made another succesful presentation in crypto-majig-thingy. He is so talented and he needs to remember that at all times. Even if it's tough he studies so extremely hard. I am both proud of him and amazed by him every day. <3
Well, I can't keep worming my way out of writing the applications, so off I go. Thanks for reading! D.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday November 29th 2006

Today I started looking for a job. And not just scoping the market, but actually sat down and looked through the available jobs and decided on a few to apply for. The Danish schoolsystem can be a little unfair at times. Teachers can actually be hired to teach subjects they don't have any educational background in. Luckily I found a couple of jobs that suit both me and my qualifications. Now I just need to sit down and actually do the applications. So now the real fun begins: Let's sell ourselves! The thought of it alone makes me shudder. I'll treat it like a bandaid and get it over with in a hurry and make sure to highlight all my positive qualities and the really good things I have accomplished over the last 6 years. My international exam, my teaching experience, my work with children, my graduated course in working with children with special needs and then of course the fact that I love teaching. I have a brilliant letter of recommendation from my last practise period, which I'm not allowed to include in my jobapplication unfortunately, but I will quote it that's for sure.
Hopefully in the end I will have a job next year. A job that will buy me a new car, get Johan and me a bigger flat/small house and just generally make life a whole lot easier. I love growing up, it's a beautiful time. And I love the fact that now my life is really taking off. It's all a little uncertain, a little difficult to know what it'll all look like in a year. But let's see how this application-business goes, who knows I might be a fullfledged teacher before we know it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday November 28th 2006

November is coming to an end which can only mean one thing: Christmas time! Every year this time brings different states of mind. Some years I'm bah-humbugging my way through all of December wishing I could dig a deep hole and hide out for the duration of the month. Other years I'm humming along to Wham!'s "Last Christmas" by the end of November, longing for the 24th-26th of December to come sooner. This year? I'm peaceful about it. Not too bah-humbuggy and not overly excited yet. I bet the time will come though. So bring on December, I'm ready for it.
The photo is from this Sunday (the 26th of November) and taken by Johan in Landskrona, Sweden. Sometimes you need to stop up and take a look at the world you're a part of. There is by far too much beauty in the world to walk around and feel bad about small things in life that present minor discomfort. By golly, even the world's biggest pile of idiots - whom I actually know- couldn't get me down by now. There's an unlimited veil of colours colouring my world and they all make life an invaluable piece of art.