Sunday, July 22, 2007

Holiday - Celebrate!

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  • Funniest moment of the week: Seeing K's face on pictures from a roller coaster in Djurs Sommerland

  • Plan for the following week: Packing, packing and packing

    • Back from Århus, feeling relaxed and excited at the same time, I feel that I should write a blog. Johan and me had an awesome week, starting with a small gathering of a bunch of Katrine's and my friends. It was nice to see everybody and awesome to just enjoy a few drinks and good conversation.

      We had lots of fun during the week, but I think the most entertaining moments were in Djurs Sommerland, an amusement park about 30 minutes from my parents' place. Personally I am a wuss and therefore didn't go up in any of the rides, but my sister, Aled and Johan all enjoyed themselves. The picture above is priceless in my opinion.

      Now that we're back in Lund we have a lot of practical stuff to sort out. We have to start packing, which Johan actually already started this afternoon, while I decided to fall asleep on the sofa. I wasn't the biggest help, but we have about 10 days to pack our stuff and then in principle a whole month after that, only I'll have started work so won't have so much time to help out. So it's best if we just get our stuff packed now and then we won't have to think about it anymore.

      I'm really excited about moving. We've bought new furniture, lots of new things for the flat, I'll be getting all my old stuff over and finally it'll feel like I really belong. I received my social security number the other day and so I now officially belong here legally, but I still need my stuff to make the perfect home. But there's no doubt that the flat will be my perfect home. I feel that every time I walk through the door.. or at least I have all of the TWO times I have been to the flat. But I really think that means something, something important. When you can walk through the door of a flat and regardless of the fact that it is empty of furniture, it just feels like your home, it must be, right? The place is perfect in every sense and we will be so happy there for many years to come. I see Christmas celebrations there with our families, I see at least our first child there... Lots of good things to come for us and I couldn't be happier. I have a couple of weeks vacation left and I am going to celebrate. I'm going to celebrate that my life is beautiful, because I work hard for it. I have the best friends, the best family and the most amazing fiance. Now that's worth celebrating!

      Thursday, July 12, 2007

      I'm never far away from you...

      • Currently hearing: Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John 'Whenever you're away from me'
      • Currently reading: am finishing Donald Spoto's biography about Marilyn Monroe
      • Best bit of this week: having Basse here, even if he insists upon waking us at 5am-6am

      It's been a while since I wrote a blog. The last week has just been crazy busy. Firstly there's been all the practical stuff concerning us moving in about 20 days. There's been some paperwork naturally since I've had to officially move from Denmark to Sweden and that's not something you just do. There's taxes to deal with among other things, since I own a flat in Århus and because I'll be working in Denmark. And there's a lot of practical stuff to sort out concerning the job as well. So basically we've been ringing, emailing and visiting places for the last week to get it all settled before we're off to Århus tomorrow. On Saturday we're picking K and Aled up at the airport and then in the evening it's party-time. Looking forward to it!

      Since Saturday little Basse has been staying with us. My parents came to visit us on their way to Bornholm and left Basse with us for the week. It's been great having him here, but it's very obviously difficult to entertain a dog in a tiny flat. So we've been out a lot, walking for ages, swimming in the lake with him, walking in the forest... lots of things. I think he's really enjoyed it. So much that he's found it necessary to wake us somewhere between 5 and 7 am every morning. Gotta love him though and it's been really lovely getting into a rhythm where we get up early, get something out of the day and then go to bed earlier for a good night's rest. So we're quite happy with Basse for waking us early.

      Finally after Johan and me have been together for like almost 2 years our parents met on Saturday. We had been quite nervous that they would have trouble understanding each other and so, but it all just went so perfectly and they got along awesomely. Was such a relief that they had fun together and were all interested in meeting up again soon. Hopefully my parents will be able to come over around the time where we move so they can all get to know each other better. It's nice to know that all the in-laws get along, they will after all be stuck with each other forever now, haha.

      Today we're going to Helsingborg to see our flat again. We called the girl who rented it before us and asked if she would come let us in, so we could take some photos and do some measuring. She's a really cool girl and it was no problem for her to do so at all. So I'm really looking forward to seeing the place again, now knowing that it'll be my home.

      The next week or so we'll be in Århus, so there probably won't be much blogging there either. In general I will be far more busy and have less time to be online from now on really. But just remember:

      Whenever you're away from me

      Wherever you go

      You're never far away from me

      I want you to know

      I only have to close my eyes dear

      And suddenly I'm where you are

      You better never stray

      'Cos I'll never be far away

      Wednesday, July 4, 2007

      Knocking on the door of happiness...

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    • Current mood: On a scale from 1-10 where 1 is bad and 10 is awesome, I'm 28

    • Looking forward to: Mum and dad coming, taking care of Basse, seeing K, garden party, moving, starting work.. SO many things!

      • At some point rough seas and desperate storms must come to a rest. Life provides you with a key to your own happiness and salvation. Having struggled for a while, treading waters until the last breath, I finally have solid ground under my feet. Life provided me with the key to open doors I probably wouldn't have opened, if I hadn't been in such deep waters and needed a way out before I drowned. My fiance, my job and my new flat are all the most precious gifts to me, gifts I have received in return for trusting the doors life has led me to. In dark hours where desperate emotions create an inner chaos, it's very close to impossible to trust life, at least for me. But once again the key I was given, was the key that unlocked a door leading me to my future - a future I dreamt of.

        Life is beautiful these days. I turn everywhere and see beauty, but none greater than her.

        I feel like apologising to her on behalf of all the awful, rotten and dishonest people, who took part of her life. If the world hadn't been so set on taking advantage of her, she might still have been here today. In about a month it will be 45 years since Sweet Norma Jean passed away. Remember to light a candle for her, I know I will.

        I wish life had provided you with a key