Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pink amigurumi bear

Pink amigurumi bear, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

It's not my intention to turn my blog into a crafts corner - just wanted to post a picture of my latest amigurumi project.

Today I had the day off, a perk since I worked longer hours for the first 4 months of the school year. I slept a little later than first planned, but I guess I needed the rest. After writing our Christmas cards we went out and shopped for a few bits and pieces. I bought some yarn and immediately started this little bear pictured above.

Tomorrow there's only three work days left until I have a couple of weeks off. Am really looking forward to going home to my parents, seeing my dear friends and hanging out with my sweet sister again. Time can fly now - I don't mind!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. Have to go and have my asthma checked out. I still cough lots, but hope I won't need more medicine. There is definitely such a thing as too many pills. I'm already on all sorts of stuff for my general health and then adding asthma inhalors, pills and cough medicine -eugh. Need to get well now!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Amigurumi teddybear

Amigurumi teddybear, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

I finished my amigurumi teddybear today. Decided he needed a little scarf for the colder times we're heading towards. He's very much a little homemade teddy with tiny imperfections here and there, but I think that adds to his charm. I'm pretty proud of him being my first "big" amigurumi project anyway.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Amigurumi bunny

Amigurumi bunny, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

I'm really getting into amigurumi. I've been making lots of little creatures over the last couple of days and it's really relaxing and fun. Takes my mind off so many other things that I tend to worry about.
Tonight I watched tutorials on youtube and started crocheting a tiny bear. I'll continue working on it tomorrow and post a picture. So far I'm still the most happy with this little bunny I made. Even if I'm still not 100% in on the different stitches and how to follow a pattern exactly, I'm beginning to see the light I think. And hey, anything that takes my mind off my number one worry in life - which isn't getting any easier as yet another year seems to have raced by with no luck on that front - is a very, very welcome hobby in my book. Wouldn't you say?

Friday, December 11, 2009

When you're at home sick...

Four first attempts at amigurumi, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

... you've got way too much time to crochet and take pictures of stuff you've done. I'm not getting much better at crocheting, but I'm really trying to learn. And I find it to be very relaxing and fun (when it doesn't tangle up and make me want to scream out loud) so I hope that in time I'll get better at it.

Just dawned on me that I'm going home for Christmas in 9 or 10 days. Can't wait!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bye bye Mr. Miyagi-pie

Miyagi wants a kiss, originally uploaded by DitteBB.

Aw, my favourite fish, Miyagi, went belly-up today. He was such a cute fish (yes, fish can be cute) and when you're absolutely crazy about animals, but can't have any with fur because your boyfriend is allergic, a big, pretty Oranda can become quite a joy in your life. But he'd been unwell for a while, so I guess it was best for him to not feel bad anymore. Still very sad though :(

Bye, bye Mr. Miyagi-pie - you'll be missed.